everyone and their mama has vocaloid shrines, tbh i kinda expected that. anyway,

vocaloid has been a very important part of my life, why? it impulsed me to start drawing, create stories and characters, get into japanese culture and animanga, etc etc. plus it had and still is getting me thru some tough times that are likely never going to end at this point but hey, vocaloid's there with me always aint it?

the first vocaloid ive ever listened to, ever, was triple baka, seriously. little me loved the animated girls singing god knows what, teto was my favorite from them at the time i think.

other vocaloid songs i listened to after triple baka was world is mine, fukkireta, teto territoty and dancing samurai. the last two being my favorites, god i think im gonna cry from typing this fuck i miss being a little kid not giving a damn about anything.

right so, here's my favorite vocaloids and utaus (and other singing robots) (also not in order)

- Megurine Luka, the queen of my heart if kakyoin didn't exist she would've been my waifu tbhhh but don't tell him that

- Hatsune Miku, of course, the one that made vocaloids as popular as they are now. i like those songs where she almost sounds like a different vocaloid

- Kagamine Rin, i like her better than Len tbh (i love his songs but im biased). she's cute and moe and all that weebshit and i love it, rin chan now!

- Akita Neru, she's a Miku ripoff but whatever, i like her design and i relate to her a ton

- Otomachi Una, all the popular songs that feature her are really fucking loud but thats ok it suits her vibe.

- Vflower, don't like her as much as i did back then but i still remember the days i played Venom on loop when it came out

- Megpoid/GUMI, i love gumi yass slay shes so yass and slay

- Defoko/Utane Uta, cute robot voice and purple design = best utau

can't think of anything else, also fun fact for the longest time i thought Reol was a vocaloid and not an actual person lol xd

and double fun fact this was supposed to be a lamazeP shrine but i changed my mind and turned it into a voca shrine

favorit vocaloid songs go here idk the ones i can list off the top of my head are suroumoshon (slowmotion pinocchioP) spear something explosion boy and that one kakyoin utau cover of a defoko song i dont remember the name it's something like theres no sunrise something something. also lamazeP best vocaloid producer